Advertise With Us

The Soccer City Sports Facility has a variety of advertising opportunities available for local Western Mass businesses. With 5000-6000 people walking through our doors every week during the Fall & Winter season, your company will be exposed to a wide audience of families and players of all ages. Increase your brand awareness & impression rates with our advertising packages, detailed below.



Please call (413) 543 - 8554 or email
Troy Remillard ( to learn more about our advertising packages. 

Advertising Packages

*All sponsors will be displayed on with a link to their website
*Package #2, #3, and #4 includes Package #1 upon purchase
*Sponsors can set up a table/booth on a weekend of their choice to promote their business to our clientele

#1: Field banners & media

  • 6’ x 3’ vinyl banners displayed in the most visible locations above the playing area

  • 1 year agreement

  • $400 for 1 field banner ($125 for banner production)

  • $700 for 2 field banners ($200 for banner production)

  • $1000 for banner + media bundle (includes production)

    • Media: Display on our TV ad slideshow located throughout the facility

#2: Training Center Shirts

  • Company logo printed on the front of Soccer City’s Training Center shirts

  • 1 year agreement

  • $2500 for 3 sessions

  • Exposure: 300 kids (Age 5-11)

#4: Field naming rights

  • Naming rights to one of our 4 turf fields. Name will be displayed on Soccer City’s entrances, website, and above the playing area.

  • 1 year agreement

  • $6000 for 1st year

  • $4000 per year for every additional year

#3: Champion t-shirts

  • Company logo printed on the back of Soccer City’s indoor soccer league champion shirts

  • 1 year agreement

  • $3000 for 3 sessions

  • Exposure: 500 youth players, 200 adult players

As a small family-owned business, we truly value the relationships we have built with our partners over the last twenty years. With their dedicated support, our tight-knit community continues to grow.