Rules, Regulations & Policies


  • Unless management closes the facility, all games will go on as scheduled. Teams that do not show are subject to possible forfeiture. It is the coach's responsibility to verify that the matches are still on. For accurate updates, please check our website or call the office.


  • Any player, manager or coach, ejected from a league game must leave the soccer arena or face further disciplinary action. The match will not continue until the player/coach has vacated the arena.

    • Players: A Red Card Ejection can result in a one game suspension. At least a two game suspension will be given in the case of fighting between players.

    • Coach: Any Red Card Ejection can result in a two game suspension. If a longer suspension is warranted, the League Coordinator will pass judgment. It is the responsibility of the team representative to find out the length of suspension and enforce it.

  • Any player or coach receiving a second red card in one session can be suspended for the remainder of the league session & playoffs.

  • Any violent action, verbal or physical towards a referee, coach, player or spectator can result in the suspension of all league play at Soccer City indefinitely.


  • There is a 5-minute grace period, teams must show up for time scheduled.

  • Any team that fails to show up for a scheduled game forfeits the match. Forfeits are recorded as a 5-0 game.

  • Any team forfeiting more than one game can be subjected to dismissal from the league.


  • All protests must be made within 30 minutes following the game. The protest must be written and turned in to a Soccer City manager. If the game is to be replayed, the team making the protest will be charged a fee of $195 to cover the cost of the make-up game. **NO PROTESTING JUDGMENT CALLS WILL BE MADE BY THE REFEREE**


  • Standings will be determined by points: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and no points for a loss. A tie in points will result in: 1) Head to head competition, 2) Record - most wins 3) Goal Differential, 4) Goals Against, 5) Goals for 6) Coin Toss

  • Maximum Goal Difference per game is 5 Goals

  • Standard league play will consist of 7 regular season games; points will be taken from the first seven games when more games are played than the standard.

    • Soccer City can shorten a season at any time they deem necessary.

    • Soccer City is in no way obligated to make up games that are missed due to weather or for any other reason.

    • In the event that Soccer City cancels a game and cannot reschedule, both teams will receive the equivalent point total of a tie.

    • It is the obligation of all coaches to call Soccer City in the event that their teams are involved in post-season play. Soccer City will not call coaches with playoff information.

  • Under no circumstances may coaches reschedule league matches. Failure to comply will result in a forfeit for offending team(s).

  • Special formats concerning tournament play will be used to prevent excessive ties and will be posted during tournament play.

  • During play-off games if the game is tied at the end of regulation a 5-minute "Golden Goal" sudden death period will take place. If it is still tied at the conclusion of the sudden death period, penalty kicks will be the decider.

  • CO-ED: If tied after 5 pk's per team, sudden death pk's will result. One pk till decider. No repeat shooters until entire team has shot.

  • In the event of a penalty kick shootout, a Staff Member may assist the Referee in any means necessary.

  • If penalty kicks need to take place in a co-ed playoff match: Two of your first five shooters must be female. If you do not have enough female shooters the result will be a miss for each female that is not present.


  • A player can only register with one team in a division/League.

    • A player is locked to a team after week 2 and may not play for any other team in that league/division for the reminder of that league/division.

    • If a league is split into 2 non-playing divisions, a player can play in both divisions.

  • Maximum number of players per team is 18 for youth and adult.

  • Adult Division players must be 16 years or older to compete. Players under the age of 18 must have a parent fill out and sign a parental consent form.

  • All rosters must be handed in to a Soccer City manager prior to the first game. All rosters will be frozen prior to the start of the 2nd game. Any changes prior to the to the third game must be handed in to a Soccer City manager.

  • The use of an illegal player can result in a forfeit.

    • Soccer City is not responsible for players on dual rosters. It is the responsibility of the coaches to know whether their players have already registered on a different team in the same league/division. If it is discovered that a player is on two rosters, the teams are subject to penalty and forfeiture.

  • Any player on the roster may participate in playoff action.


  • The following players will be deemed ineligible for competition:

    • Players that have received a red card or suspension.

    • Players who are not on the roster.

    • A player who is older than the league limit.

    • A player who is on two rosters in the same division.

    • A player under the age of sixteen playing in the adult divisions.

  • Games played with ineligible players can result in a forfeiture for the offending team, providing one of the following occurs:

    • A formal protest is registered with Soccer City with no later than 30 minutes after a game.

    • A referee submits a written or oral report that to his/her knowledge an ineligible player was fielded for a game.

  • It is the coach's or team representative's duty to call Soccer City to find out if any ejections or suspensions occurred due to ejection from a match. Soccer City does not call coaches when players are suspended.

General Regulations

  • The Field - The dimensions of the field are approximately: Field Turf 1 - 160' x 85’ Field Turf 2 - 110' x 50' Field Turf 3 & 4 - 185' x 80'. The goals are 7 feet high x 12 feet wide.

  • Uniforms & Footwear - Every youth or adult team must have matching shirts. The goalkeeper must have a different color jersey than either team. This measure will be strictly enforced. A team can forfeit without proper uniforms. The use of outdoor cleats is prohibited on all of our field turf fields. Only flat soled shoes or other designed for artificial surfaces, turf shoes, are permitted.

  • The Ball - All Game Balls supplied by each TEAM (Soccer City Sports Center is no longer required to provide the game ball). U-12, U-11, U-10, U-9, U-8 will use a size 4 ball. All other leagues will use a size 5 ball.

  • Number of Players - For all divisions the team will consist of 5 field players and one goalkeeper, unless Soccer City has posted otherwise. U9 & U10 boys & Girls on Field Turf 1 will be 6 field players and one goalkeeper. U12 Boys & Girls Field 3 & 4 will be 6 field players plus a keeper.

  • Age Groups - Age groupings will run from Aug. 1 to July 31 on the same standard that Pioneer Valley and Roots specify for single age groups. Please refer to the age cut off dates outlined in the league policies page and/or application.


  • Substitutions - During the game unlimited "on the fly" substitutions for either team are permitted at any time for field players and the goalkeeper provided that the following conditions are satisfied:

    • Neither players entering the field nor players departing the field may participate in play when they are simultaneously on the field. An illegal substitution can be penalized by a two-minute penalty and free kick from the location of the ball when play was stopped. If the violation concerns only the first condition, the referee may only give a verbal warning.

  • Bench players have to be behind the netting at all times. The player (s) leaving the field must be within the touchline at the player's own bench area, or off the field in the bench area before substitution in made.

  • Substitutions are guaranteed in the following occurrences:

    • After a goal has been scored.

    • On an injury time out.

    • At half time.

    • When the ball leaves the field of play, only for the team with possession, opposing team may sub at their own risk of being caught with too many players on the field.

    • After a penalty has been awarded, only for the team with possession, opposing team may sub at own risk.

  • All substitutions of this nature must be made within a timeframe of 10 seconds or the team is subject to a delay of game penalty, which would result in a two-minute penalty.

  • The referee's discretion will be used to allow substitutions in certain circumstances.

General Rules

  • Running Time & Injured Players - A player attended to on the field is not required to leave the field. The referee should only stop the play when the team of the injured player has the ball or if the injury seems serious. It is running time except for serious injury. THE REFEREE IS NOT OBLIGATED TO STOP THE CLOCK FOR ALL INJURIES. There are no time-outs.

  • Bleeding Rule - If a player is bleeding, that player must leave the field and receive treatment before re-entering the match.

  • Free Kicks & Tap-Ins - All free kicks have to be taken within five seconds. If this does not occur the referee can award the ball to the opposing team.

  • Field 1 & 3 & 4 Out of Bounds:

    • Sidelines & High Roof: Tap-In's (Indirect free kick) where the ball went out of play. These kicks are to be taken no more than one yard inside the field of play.

    • End Lines: Goal Kicks & Corner Kicks (Place on line)

    • Penalty Areas: Attacking team- place on dot located outside of penalty area (direct kick). Defending team- place ball on approximate area where the ball hit the overhead netting (direct kick).

    • Anywhere else on field: Place ball on approximate area where ball hit the netting-direct kick.

  • Field 2 Tap-Ins are indirect

  • All free kicks & restarts are direct kicks. Exception: all kickoffs and tap-ins are indirect.

  • Any foul other than those resulting in a penalty kick occurring in the box will be placed at the line at the top of the box (i.e. pass back to the goalkeeper on Field 3, obstruction, dangerous play, etc.).

  • Encroachment - all players must be 9 feet away from the ball on an opposing teams free kick. A team warning can result for the first offense and then a two-minute penalty can exist for any further violations.

  • Length of Games - a standard Soccer City league game will consist of two 25-minute periods. This time may be shortened at any time if Soccer City deems it necessary. There are no time-outs during play.

    • During play-off games if the game is tied at the end of regulation a 5-minute sudden death period will take place. If it is still tied at the conclusion of the first sudden death period, penalty kicks will be the decider. (If tied after 5 pk's per team, sudden death pk's will result. One pk till decider. No repeat shooters until entire team has shot.)

  • Penalty Kick - For a penalty kick the ball will be placed on the solid line at the top of the box. All other players will be outside the box.

    • The violating team must send a player off for two minutes prior to the kick being taken. If the kick is converted, the player may re-enter the match. If the kick is not converted, the player must serve out the penalty.

  • Fighting - any player ejected for fighting can serve a two game suspension. Further disciplinary action can be assessed from Soccer City Management if they deem necessary (i.e.: extend game suspensions. If the same player is ejected for fighting more than once, he or she can be suspended for the remainder of the season, (Winter Season) and re-entry will occur only after said player has met with Soccer City managers.

    • If any player leaves the bench during a fight on the field, the match can be abandoned and the entire team may be ejected from the session and forfeit the entirety of the league fee.

    • Any player who strikes an official can be barred from the facility for life.

  • Referee - There will be one referee for all games in all divisions. The referee is responsible for the calling, controlling and scoring of the game.

  • Bench Penalty - any verbal abuse directed at the referee can result in a two-minute bench penalty, a yellow card violation or an ejection, (Red Card). Yellow cards and ejections result in a five-minute penalty with no re-entry. It is under the referee's discretion. Verbal abuse will not be tolerated.

  • Referee Cards - A minor penalty (blue card) is a two-minute penalty which expires after two minutes or when a goal is scored against the violating team.

    • A major penalty (yellow/red card) the player must serve the full five minutes regardless of goals scored. A red card results in the player send-off and the team serving a five-minute major penalty.

    • Matching penalties - both players serve the full penalty, regardless of goals scored.

    • The accumulation of 2 yellow cards in one game is a red card send off for that game. Further action is the discretion of the referee committee.

  • Coaches - a parent or coach (a certified club team or pioneer valley coach) must supervise teams during their games. At the very least, a parent must supervise all high school boys and girls games.

  • Slide Tackling - There will be absolutely no slide tackling an opponent; this rule will be strictly enforced.

  • Passing Back To The Goalkeeper - On Field 1 & Field 3 & Field 4, Goalkeepers will not be able to handle back passes from teammates, regardless of how the ball was passed. Only on Field 2 can a keeper pick up a back pass.

  • Shin Guards & Jewelry - It is mandatory that all players wear shin guards; players not complying will be removed from the playing field. A player can be charged with a two-minute penalty if caught without shin guards at the Referee's discretion.

    • The use of any type of jewelry/piercing is prohibited at Soccer City. No exceptions. A player caught with jewelry or any type of piercing on during a match can serve a two-minute penalty.

  • Headballs - Players in U-12 programs and younger shall not engage in heading, either in practices or in games. Clubs should be aware of circumstances in which individual consideration is needed. For example: An 11 year old playing in U-14 or above should not head the ball at all.

    • Referees should enforce these restrictions by age group according to the specified rules. Referees will not be assessing the age of individual players on the field; they will enforce the rules for the age group.

    • If a player in U12 or under heads the ball, an IDK (indirect free kick) will be awarded to the opposing team

    • If a player in U12 or under heads the ball inside the penalty area, the IDK will be awarded at the penalty box line closest to where the header took place.

Please Remember:
TEAMS MUST BE PAID IN FULL BEFORE THE FIFTH GAME. Teams are subject to forfeit if their balance is not paid.

League standings will be posted at Soccer City. The standings printed in the Union News or any other publications are not always up to date or accurate.

Any team that was suspended from league play is not entitled to any refund of any amount.

Soccer City reserves the right to change or amend any rule at any time of the soccer season.

****These rules will govern all S.C.I.S.L. games. ****