Mission Statement

Soccer is a game of creativity, imagination, individual skill and teamwork. Our mission is to provide children with the experiences they need to not only develop as great players and athletes, but to also build important life skills that will aid them in reaching their potential on and off the field. We focus on promoting confidence in our players and a positive self-image that revolves around maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Training Center is about community – everyone should have access to quality soccer training.

Training Center programs are built for a crucial stage in a player’s development – with an emphasis on fun and enjoyment as well as learning and discovery. We pride ourselves on being a non-club affiliated outlet for players of all skill levels – training is the most important aspect of this stage, not results-oriented competition. The ultimate goal is to instill a true passion for the game within players that will keep them motivated for a lifetime. 


Youth Development Timeline


U6-U9 Curriculum


  • Correct form for dribbling, passing & shooting

  • Receiving, passing & shooting with instep

  • Shooting & dribbling while changing direction


  • Hand-eye & foot-eye coordination

  • Agility, balance, & movement education

  • Warm-up activities & education on sports nutrition


  • Encourage working within pairs & participation of all players in safe & fun environment

  • Teaching sportsmanship, emotional management, and creativity

  • Developing self-esteem through activities that foster positive feedback


  • Discussion of back and forward line formations

  • 1v1 attacking & 2v2 situations

  • Playing ball with purpose & quick problem solving

U10-U12 Curriculum


  • Accurate passing, dribbling & shooting with different parts of the foot

  • Focusing on first touch & developing ability of both feet

  • Performing fakes, turns and feints while dribbling


  • Range of motion flexibility, agility, and acceleration

  • Warm-up, cool down & stretching

  • Everything is performed with a ball


  • Keep it enjoyable – foster desire to play & self-motivate

  • Increase in responsibility, confidence & decision-making

  • Focus on teamwork, communication, sportsmanship & emotional management


  • Playing in a variety of positions to discover strengths

  • Principles of attack & defense

  • 1v1 defending, 2v1 and 2v2 attacking & defending

  • Man-to-man defense, combination passing, verbal & visual communication


Check out the blog for a breakdown of weekly training sessions:

Meet Our Coaches

Goalkeeper School

  • Played for WNE University ('10 - '13)

  • Captain for WNE University ('13)

  • Goalkeeper Coach for WNE University ('16 - '17)

  • Goalkeeper Coach for Euro United FC ('15 - '17)

Kid’s Club, Skills Academy, & Camps

  • Played for UMASS Amherst ('08 - '11)

  • Played in ASL for W. Mass Pro Club ('14 - '15)

  • Current player in PDL for Western Mass Pioneers

  • Captain for W. Springfield High & Bridgton Academy