What is Training Center?

Training Center is the all-encompassing term for our youth training programs at Soccer City. The Training Center consists of Kid's Club, Skills Academy and our position-specific skills clinics. All training sessions occur during the week, and are conducted by certified coaches utilizing professionally designed training curriculums.


Who is Training Center For?

The programs in our Training Center are geared towards young developing players from ages 3 to 14. We welcome players from all skill levels. Our curriculum is designed to adjust to a player's ability, with individual coaching provided to help all participants improve their skills.


Kid's Club (Ages 3-5)

Kid's Club is our basic intro class for the youngest age group. The goal of Kid's Club is to get children excited about the game and motivate them to continue playing as they grow older. The hour-long class features fun games and group activities to introduce players to basic soccer skills and terminology.


skills academy (Ages 5-8 & 9-11)

Skills Academy is our academy-style training program for beginner to intermediate level players. The focus of Skills Academy is to build a strong skill set and improve a player's overall ability with the ball. Players can also choose to participate in a Development League game on the weekend.


specialty clinics (Ages 9-14)

Specialty clinics are position-specific training classes designed for field players and goalkeepers. These classes are the next step in our recommended training regimen for intermediate to advanced level players looking to enhance specific skill sets. Clinics offered include our Shooting Clinic and Goalkeeper Clinic.