Position-Specific Clinics

Specialty clinics are position-specific training classes designed for field players and goalkeepers. These classes are the next step in our recommended training regimen for intermediate to advanced level players looking to enhance specific skill sets. 



Register online through the EZ Facility portal. Select the correct session and day. Session is 5 weeks, with training once per week for all clinics.

Session Rate: $125


goalkeeper school (ages 9-14)

The Goalkeeper School is an all-inclusive training program designed for keepers of all abilities.  New keepers will learn the basics of proper handling, footwork, shot-stopping, and communication. Advanced goalkeepers will be challenged with handling, multiple saves, proper angles, high balls, agility/quickness, and more.

Dates & Times: TBA


Shooting / finishing clinic (ages 9-14)

The Shooting Clinic will help players apply the fundamentals of shooting to in-game scenarios. Players will learn how to use all parts of their foot, both right and left, and when and where to use certain parts of the foot on the field. We will use a combination of drills to improve touch and confidence, ultimately ending each session by playing and applying the skills learned to the game. Each session will be fast-paced and each individual will be corrected when necessary to ensure improvement.

Dates & Times: TBA