Frequently Asked Questions


My child is not on a local team. How can they play in a league? For children under the age of 12, we encourage them to sign up for our Training Center programs. We do not run a Soccer City team in our leagues. Our leagues are for local club and town teams. If your child is not on a team, we recommend that you contact your local Rec Department and find out how your child can participate in the town soccer program.

I'm an adult without a team. How can I get involved in the Co-ed Leagues? We recently introduced the ‘Free Agent’ team which is comprised of individuals looking for a team to play on. You can register by clicking on the ‘Leagues’ tab, and then click on the scroll down tab ‘Looking for a Team?'.’ Here you will find information regarding the team and upcoming leagues, and also tabs where you can register yourself. The fee is $90 and it covers the league fee, ref fees, and a team shirt.

When does the next Adult Co-ed session start? Unlike our youth leagues, the adult leagues do not have a concrete timetable (youth teams have specific start dates for Spring soccer). Each Co-ed session lasts 8 weeks, and we do our best to schedule the new sessions accordingly. Please check back on our website for timely updates.

How many games are in a session? All teams are guaranteed 7 games. There are additional playoff games for qualifying teams.

What day will my games normally be played on? Please refer to our scheduling page, where you can find a table of primary game days and times. These days and times are subject to change based on scheduling requirements. We do the best we can to keep schedules consistent.

How long is a game? Every game has two 25-minute halves. This is true of all age groups and leagues.

When is the session start date? General session start dates can be found in our Calendar. These are subject to change, but most general start dates that are currently posted are firm dates.

I have a conflict with my game time, can we reschedule? We ask that all conflicts be reported to us before the full schedule is sent out for the entire session. Please send these conflicts to Troy ( and he will do the best he can to adjust your schedule accordingly. We hope you understand that with 19 youth & adult leagues, we can't accommodate everyone's schedule. Once the schedule is set for the session, it is very difficult to reschedule individual games.

How many players are on the field for my game? The number of players on the field depends on the age division and field size. Please refer to our league format page for your specific league format.

How many players should be on a roster? The number of players on a roster depends on the age division. Please refer to the league format page to see how many players are on the field for your specific age group. Usually we recommend having at least double the amount of players on a roster as there are on the field to provide enough subs.

Do I have to wear shinguards? Yes!

Can I wear cleats? No! Not only are cleats detrimental to the condition of our fields, but they also pose a safety hazard. The studs on cleats dig into the turf, sometimes resulting in serious muscle injuries or wipeouts around the slide-line area. The bottoms of turf shoes are specifically designed for movement across the turf that won't impede a player's trajectory. Turfs and flats designed for our fields can be found in The Soccer Shop.

The weather is lousy. Is my game still on? Yes! There are a limited number of weeks to the winter season, so it becomes increasingly difficult to reschedule postponed games. We want you to get as much playing time out of the season as possible. 

How many women need to be on the field during Co-ed games? We require that at least two women be on the field at all times during Co-ed games.


Training Programs

How do I register online for Skills Academy? Parents can register their children through our online registration system. All links are posted at the bottom of the Skills Academy page. Please only choose one training day and time (either Tuesday or Thursday). There are varying training times to ensure that everyone can fit the class into their schedule. Development League is an optional game on Sunday. Once you arrive at the registration screen through EZ Facility, there will be a few options for registration: Skills Academy Only (which is just the weekly training session), Skills Academy + Development League (which is the weekly training session plus a game on Sunday), or both of these options plus a special deal on a training soccer ball.

Skills Academy/Kid's Club already started, can I still register my child? Yes, we can offer you a rate based on the remaining weeks in the program's session.

My child plays in the leagues on the weekend with their town or club team. Can I still sign them up for Skills Academy? Yes! In fact, Skills Academy was designed for this reason: to supplement a player's training regimen throughout the winter when it is tougher for teams to get together and practice. Players can sign up for a Skills Academy training session during the week, and play with their town or club team on the weekend.

My child went to the first week of Skills Academy and decided that soccer wasn't his sport. Can I get a refund? We sincerely hope that your child reconsiders, but in the case that he or she doesn't, we will issue you a refund for the remaining weeks of the session. 

What does my child need to wear for Kid's Club? We require that children in Kid's Club wear sneakers, shorts or sweatpants, and a t-shirt/training top. 

What does my child need to wear for Skills Academy? We require that children in Skills Academy wear sneakers, socks & shinguards, shorts or sweatpants, and the Training Center top that will be provided for every participant.

Will the Skills Academy players play against other teams in the Development League? No, the Development League games will only be played between Skills Academy players. There are a few reasons for this. 1) It ensures that the players on the field are of equal skill level and ability, 2) it allows for Training Center coaches to pause play whenever they need to make coaching points, and 3) the Skills Academy players can apply their newly developing skills in a non-competitive environment. With the high number of players in the class, not all of them would get the proper, maximum amount of playing time if they were to play another team (most teams are only around 13 players and 5 or 6 are on the field at one time). The purpose of the Development League is for players to apply the skills that they learned during practice, and receive additional coaching in game-like situations.


Rentals & Birthday Parties

Can I host my child's birthday party at Soccer City? Yes. We have a premium party package available.

My team plays in the league at Soccer City. Can we book practice time? Yes, field rentals can be booked for practice time during the week. Rental slots are limited and fill up quickly on a first-come-first-serve basis, so we recommend booking as soon as possible to guarantee a spot.


The Soccer Shop

Is this a Pro Shop? No! While we do carry the best soccer gear around, we don't charge higher prices. We also offer a loyalty program for frequent shoppers looking for rewards on all purchases. 

I saw this cleat on for $180 but you have it on the wall for $200. Can you match the price? Yes! We will match any online prices from reputable sites such as for the same style & colorway of the cleat advertised. This does not include eBay or Amazon. Additionally, we will match any prices from brick-and-mortar stores in the area. Support small business!

Do you take returns? Yes, as long as the item in question is unused, we will accept returns and issue a full refund. 


The Print Shop

When can I pick up my order? If you received a call that your order was ready for pick-up, you can come anytime during Print Shop or Soccer Shop hours. The building's hours are extended during the winter season, and pick-up may be possible during this time. 

Can you customize this jersey that I just bought in The Soccer Shop? Yes, we can put anything your heart desires (within reason) on a jersey, training top, jacket, etc. Names and Numbers cost an additional $10 with purchase. 



My ball got stuck in the rafters, can someone get it down for me? It is difficult for us to access parts of the facility during league play. All balls will be collected after the weekend is over.

My child left their jacket/gloves/bag/etc behind after their game. Do you know where it is? There are lost and found bins located in the Snack Bar area on both Field 1 and Field 3.