The Soccer Shop's New Look

After twenty years of business, the Soccer Shop went through a major remodeling over the summer. The new theme of the store mimics the same locker room setup that major pro league teams utilize for their players. The wood used in building these lockers is featured throughout the shop to create a more relaxed vibe for customers or any players coming in after games played in the facility. With such limited existing floor space, the locker room setup has allowed us to maximize the space we use to display and feature our best products. 

With this new makeover, we felt it was time to give The Soccer Shop brand a facelift as well, so we designed a new logo. The crown used in the logo is meant to represent the heritage behind the Soccer Shop, as it has been the only soccer specialty store of its kind in the Western Mass area for the last twenty years. "Established 1992" was also added to further emphasize this longevity, and the two stars are a nod to the stars that teams display above their crests when they win championships. For us, one star represents a decade of business.

Currently, the "Locker Room" is about 80% finished. We're still working on bringing in some artwork and vintage soccer memorabilia for the walls, and extending the theme and store front into our hallway to really bring it all together. We also have big plans for some collaborations between the Soccer Shop brand and our in-house Print Shop, so be on the lookout for some custom designs in the future. Come give us a visit and check out the new shop!