Urban and Polished: Leo Messi & Adidas Release The Pibe De Barr10 Boot


Lionel Messi connected with his roots when developing the Pibe de Barr10 in collaboration with Adidas as a part of the #therewillbehaters series. Messi spent his childhood in the Barrio of Las Heras, Rosario learning the game on the streets and aspiring to be the best player in the world. Although he left Rosario in his youth, he still has a strong connection to the people, neighborhood, and spots where he first picked up the game of soccer. Messi wanted to incorporate his past influences into the design of the cleat with the help of Rosario-born artist Ignacio Valenti. The Pibe de Barr10’s graphics interweave urban brush strokes with the polish of Messi’s smooth playing style on the field.


Made for Control
While the graphics were inspired by Messi's past, Adidas has packed these boots with the industry's leading edge boot technology. The Pibe de Barr10 has a speed traxion stud alignment and an outsole modeled after a sprinter's spikes, giving players speed and agility on the pitch. The 360° DRIBBLETEX coating on the cleat gives total control on both wet and dry field conditions.  

Catch Messi and the Pibe de Barr10 in Action
Messi has had an outstanding season thus far. He has been  involved in 24 goals in La Liga this year alone, while other teams have yet to even score 21 goals. He will first show off his new boots on Wed. March 18th during the Champions League knockout stage.

In the Shop: Messi’s Pibe de Barr10 cleats are available in The Soccer Shop in both the 10.1 (previously labeled as the f50) and 10.3 (previously f10) tiers in adult sizing, and the 10.3 in youth sizes.

Images courtesy of Adidas except last image.