Bold in Blue: New Nike USA National Team Away Kit


Bold and Patriotic
For the coming year, the new U.S. away jersey aims to express national pride while also highlighting the country’s distinct style and strive for greatness. Two white stars above the Women's team badge showcase the two previous wins at the World Cup in 1991 and 1999. A pennant tab on the inside of the back neckline represents the thirteen original colonies to first declare independence with its 13 red and white stripes.

Getting Graphic
The soccer jersey features a gradient graphic starting white at the shoulders, and blending into different shades of blue until reaching a deep blue at the hem. Along the sides of both the shirt and the shorts, is a wide white stripe accentuating a player's speed and natural contour. Peeking from the v-neck is a red insert utilized to incorporate all national colors. Inspired by U.S. college and varsity sports, the player’s names and numbers will appear in a specially designed font. The jersey is paired with dark blue shorts adorned with a white stripe. Women will wear a dark blue gradient sock with a chevron pattern on the back, while the men’s team will wear a dark blue sock without the gradient design. 

Cool and Conscious 
In order to achieve the best fit, 3-D scans were taken of players to ensure that they have a high level of comfort and maximum ability to perform on the field. Both jersey and short are equipped with Nike's moisture-wicking Dri-FIT technology, and mesh panels and ventilation holes improve air circulation to regulate body temperature. Not only are these kits technologically innovative, but the jerseys, shorts, and socks are made of polyester derived from recycled plastic bottles. Each kit is made of approximately 18 recycled plastic bottles, eliminating 2 billion bottles from entering landfills since 2010. 


See the Kit in Action
The Women’s U.S. National Team will first play in the new away kit during the Algarve Cup in Portugal starting on March 4. The men will wear it on March 25 during a friendly match against Switzerland. Support the states and sport the jersey by visiting Soccer City’s Soccer Shop; now stocked with the new U.S. National away kits in men’s, women’s and youth sizes. 

Photos (except first image) courtesy of US Soccer.