Adidas Lights the Way: Adizero 99g


Always at the forefront of cleat innovation, Adidas recently released the adizero 99g: the lightest boot ever made. The 99g concept was originally introduced at the Innovation Lab in 2013, with another year of rigorous testing until the revolutionary design was finally realized.

Lightweight, but Heavy Duty
In order to not compromise protection for weight, the adizero 99g was put through a series of rigorous play tests by amateur athletes, semi-pros, and professionals. The cleat holds up well against possible tears and abrasions, while simultaneously improving a player’s raw speed and agility. 

Breakthrough Technology
The 1 mm polyamide outsole reduces the typical weight of an outsole, but is rigid enough to perform under the stress of a player's sharp movements. The upper is built from a single layer of polyester mesh, which is also woven for added strength. A new stud layout allows for support and traction during quick changes of direction. The cleat is nearly half the weight of standard cleats, and doesn't retain water in wet conditions like both synthetic and leather uppers tend to do (adding to their weight).

The adizero 99g is the first release of Adidas's new "Limited Collection." Only 299 pairs of the 99g boot will be available globally. The "Limited Collection" will showcase Adidas's latest boot innovations and technology, and will only be released in super-limited quantities.

Images courtesy of Adidas