Christen Press Headstarts Soccer-Inspired Workouts for the Nike 90-Day Challenge


The U.S. Women's National Team is working hard to prepare for the upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup this summer. As part of the Nike+ Training Club 90-Day Better For it Challenge, key U.S. players will be sharing some of their best workouts. The series of workouts are meant to be outside women's comfort zones, but they will be "better for it" by accomplishing the challenge. This is a complete fitness program meant to quickly increase endurance and build strength, which are crucial necessities for soccer players. Christen Press is the first to release a workout on the Nike Training Club App, with workouts from Ali Krieger and Carli Lloyd to soon follow. 

Rekindled Romance
This summer Christen Press will be participating in her first major tournament as part of the USWNT. Press is a graduate from Stanford University, and is known for her intelligence on and off the field. While her intelligence benefitted her in the classroom, this same cerebral nature put her soccer career in jeopardy. During her collegiate career, Press says she was constantly over-thinking her actions on the pitch, re-watching videos and obsessing over her mistakes. Winning games and championships became a focus in her life:

“There were times in my life when I felt like if I didn’t win, I was not a winner. My entire identity was tied to championships."  

Despite her success in college achieving both All-America honors and the title of Stanford's all-time leading scorer, Press's overly critical mentality put her career at risk. Rather than staying in the states to play after graduation, she moved overseas to play in Sweden for a team that was not highly regarded or ranked. This move allowed Press to control many of the stress triggers that she had developed playing in America, and she was able to rekindle her love for soccer. 

Striving Striker’s Workout
As a striker, Press has a need for explosive movements on the field. Her workout will focus on strength, mobility, and stability exercises. Examples of the exercises include Lateral Forward Jumps and Side Plank with Forward Backward Touches. The regimen, inspired by Christen Press and the role of the dynamic striker, was designed by Nike Master Trainer Emily Hutchins. It is now available on the Nike+ Training Club App.

Images & video Courtesy of Nike.